Some time ago we received a letter from Nicolas which touched us deeply and we would like to share this conversation with you:

Here’s our answer:

Dear Nicolas,

We’re delighted to hear you’re enjoying our brand! We understand your concerns about buying clothes and the impact they can have on the planet. We want you to know that Keedz is a sustainable brand that aims to have a positive impact on the environment and society. When it comes to clothing, we prefer to use environmentally-friendly materials such as organic cotton and recycled polyester. We work with ethical and fair trade suppliers to ensure that the people who make our clothes are treated well. We also strive to reduce waste in our production process by using sustainable packaging materials and minimizing our water and energy consumption. We are convinced that buying sustainable brands can have a positive impact on the environment. We believe that buying sustainable brands can make a real contribution to reducing the damage caused by the fashion industry to the environment and society. By choosing eco-friendly and socially responsible clothing, you can help reduce the amount of waste and pollution generated by the production and disposal of fast fashion. by producing and eliminating fast fashion. As for the cereal box hoodie, we’re proud to say it’s made from recycled materials. which means it won’t harm the environment if you buy it. We’d love to talk to your mom and assure her that Keedz is a responsible, sustainable brand committed to making a difference. a responsible, sustainable company committed to making a positive impact. We’d also like to help you become a real KEEDZ and celebrate your birthday with a t-shirt you’ll love!

Thank you for caring about the planet and supporting sustainable fashion. We hope to hear from you soon, Nicolas!

The Keedz team

Our certifications

GRS: The Global Recycled Standard is the world’s leading standard for recycled textiles. The standard covers the entire supply chain, focusing on traceability, environmental principles, social conditions, chemical content and labeling. All the recycled cotton, polyester and nylon we use is GRS-certified.

OEKO-TEX: Standard 100 certification by OEKO-TEX® is one of the world’s best-known standards for assessing the presence of harmful substances in materials. Our certification confirms that Stanley/Stella products are processed without chemicals harmful to human health and the environment. Standard 100 certification also prohibits potentially harmful substances, even if these have not yet been banned by law. It guarantees that our products comply with EU REACH regulations.


GOTS: The Global Organic Textile Standard is the main international standard for the production of organic fibers. With its ecological and social criteria, this is the strictest certification for organic cotton. It guarantees organic cotton growing without the use of genetically modified seeds or hazardous chemicals. It also ensures traceability, from raw material harvesting to the end customer, and requires the establishment of transaction certificates at each stage of production.

OCS: The Organic Content Standard is a voluntary international standard that verifies the presence and quantity of organic materials in a finished product. It follows the raw material from its source to the finished product. 

PETA: Our garments are PETA-approved, which means we pledge never to conduct or order any testing of ingredients, formulations or finished products on animals. Our products are made from 100% vegan materials and are totally free from animal fibers, with animal welfare in mind.

FAIR WEAR FOUNDATION: The Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) is an independent organization that works with clothing brands, workers and textile influencers to improve working conditions in factories. FWF regularly audits our partner factories and draws up the necessary corrective action plans (CAPs) to guarantee workers’ rights, safety, dignity and living wages. Stanley/Stella has been a member of the FWF since 2012.

TEXTILE EXCHANGE: Textile Exchange is an international non-profit organization that works closely with its members to encourage industry transformation through the adoption of preferred fibers, integrity, standards and responsible sourcing networks.